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Fabiola (marriage to Louie Gornik) (i53)


Fasnacht, Allen (i2266)
Fasnacht, Allen (marriage to Jean Elizabeth Walmer) (i2266)
Fasnacht, Craig (i2268)
Fasnacht, Gale (i2267)
Fasnacht, Neil (i2269)


Fassnacht, Florence Farnces (marriage to Dorse Edward Winemiller) (i2997), b.1913-d.1978


Faulds, Cathern Russell (marriage to Joseph Orr Kirkpatrick) (i196), b.1855-d.1933


Faulkner, Ella (marriage to William H. Miller) (i1825)


Fehn, Charlene (i1107), b.1964-
Fehn, Charlene (marriage to Joseph Charles Gilchrist) (i1107), b.1964-
Fehn, Christine (i1113)
Fehn, Timothy Lee (i1111), b.1942-


Fenton, Kathryn Ann (marriage to John A. Dias) (i173)


Filling, Charles H (i466), b.1892-
Filling, Charles H (marriage to Mary E Winemiller) (i466), b.1892-
Filling, Jean E (i468), b.1917-
Filling, Mariain W (i467), b.1915-


Filloon, Sarah A (marriage to Michael Walmer) (i2353), b.1824-


Finch, Amelia (marriage to Mordacci Davidson) (i1327), b.1835-d.1903


Fish, Benjamin Thomas (i394), b.1980-
Fish, Charlene Odette (i337), b.1964-
Fish, Charlene Odette (marriage to Eric Luther Glassmyer) (i337), b.1964-
Fish, Charles James (C.j.) (i396), b.1987-d.1988
Fish, Charles Robert (i334), b.1960-
Fish, Edward Lester (i332), b.1955-
Fish, Jeannette Ann (i397), b.1988-
Fish, Jeannine Lynn (i336), b.1964-
Fish, Jeannine Lynn (marriage to Marc A Mason) (i336), b.1964-
Fish, Marilyn Louise (i331), b.1953-
Fish, Marilyn Louise (marriage to John Paul Mokwa) (i331), b.1953-
Fish, Muriel Jean (i335), b.1961-
Fish, Muriel Jean (marriage to John L Hergenroeder) (i335), b.1961-
Fish, Muriel Jean (marriage to Ronald E Smith) (i335), b.1961-
Fish, Rachelle Ann (i333), b.1958-
Fish, Rachelle Ann (marriage to Gregrey Marks) (i333), b.1958-
Fish, Robert Warren (i330), b.1934-
Fish, Robert Warren (marriage to Esther Suzanne Nickle) (i330), b.1934-


Fisher, Brittany Ann (i2161), b.1997-
Fisher, Flora L (marriage to John Marshall Hyre) (i1529), b.1881-
Fisher, Kevin Michael (i1538), b.1971-
Fisher, Kevin Michael (marriage to Angela Jean Livingston) (i1538), b.1971-
Fisher, Nancy (marriage to Robert Luther Park) (i1594), d.1892


Fitch, Mr (marriage to Lynnette Winemiller) (i2254)


Fletcher, Barbara (i1943)
Fletcher, David (i1938)
Fletcher, Evans F (i1930), b.1917-
Fletcher, Frank (i1929), b.1892-d.1953
Fletcher, Frank (marriage to Gertrude Winemiller) (i1929), b.1892-d.1953
Fletcher, George (i1936), b.1946-
Fletcher, Helen (i1944), b.1931-
Fletcher, Helen (marriage to Carroll Slade) (i1944), b.1931-
Fletcher, Irvin (i1933)
Fletcher, James (i1932)
Fletcher, Linda (i1941)
Fletcher, Oscar (i1939), b.1927-
Fletcher, Ralph (i1934), b.1920-
Fletcher, Richard (i1951)
Fletcher, Robin (i1950)
Fletcher, Ronald (i1949)
Fletcher, Rush (i1947), b.1935-
Fletcher, Ruth (i1937), b.1956-
Fletcher, Sadie (marriage to Clarence Winemiller) (i1865), b.1896-
Fletcher, Sharon (i1942)


Flinchbaugh, Adam (i2521)
Flinchbaugh, Adam (marriage to Sarah Raver) (i2521)
Flinchbaugh, Child 1 (i2522)


Florea, Child 1 (i1285)
Florea, Child 2 (i1286)
Florea, Frank (i1284)
Florea, Frank (marriage to Elsie Winemiller) (i1284)


Florence (marriage to Elmer Mishler) (i2155)


Folk, Bradley William (i297), b.1976-
Folk, James Bradley (i296), b.1947-
Folk, James Bradley (marriage to Elizabeth Emma Nickle) (i296), b.1947-
Folk, Kimberly Holland (i298), b.1983-
Folk, Tiffany Lynn (i299), b.1986-


Foose, Barry Adrian (i2242), b.1947-
Foose, Barry Adrian (marriage to Ann Elizabeth Yake) (i2242), b.1947-
Foose, Thomas Christopher (i2243), b.1981-


Force, Sandra (marriage to James Daubert) (i1511)


French, Alexander (i1756)
French, George (i1752)
French, George (marriage to Elizabeth Atmur) (i1752)
French, Mary Jane (i1751)
French, Mary Jane (marriage to Adam Winemiller) (i1751)
French, William (i1754)
French, William (i1758)
French, William (marriage to Elizabeth Davison) (i1754)


Frey, Adam Koller (i1126), b.1837-
Frey, Adam Koller (marriage to Elizabeth Winemiller) (i1126), b.1837-
Frey, Henry (i1127)


Fury, Martha Permelia (marriage to Henry C Winemiller) (i1082), b.1826-
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