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Winemiller Family Inn
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Irwin, Dorothy (i2270), b.1928-
Irwin, Dorothy (marriage to Philip Mohn) (i2270), b.1928-
Irwin, John (i90), b.1904-d.1929
Irwin, John (marriage to Adaline Rosa Walmer) (i90), b.1904-d.1929
Irwin, Mr (i145)


Isaacs, Daniel William (i2245), b.1954-d.1996
Isaacs, Daniel William (marriage to Betsy Lee Yake) (i2245), b.1954-d.1996
Isaacs, Misha Lee (i2246), b.1976-
Isaacs, Misha Lee (marriage to James Hanner Strunk) (i2246), b.1976-
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