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Nading, Mary (marriage to Harvey Peter Winemiller) (i608), b.1867-d.1930


Nancy (marriage to Eli Wilt) (i801)
Nancy (marriage to Joseph Carpenter) (i695)


Nash, Bonnie (marriage to Carl Winemiller) (i1309)


Nay, Florence (i878), b.1920-
Nay, Robert (i877), b.1918-
Nay, Talor (i875), b.1896-
Nay, Talor (marriage to Ida Winemiller) (i875), b.1896-
Nay, Taylor (i876), b.1916-


Neal, Solna (marriage to Everett Winemiller) (i1845)


Neely, Allen (i937), b.1848-d.1933
Neely, Allen (marriage to Elizabeth Winemiller) (i937), b.1848-d.1933
Neely, E.b. (i938), b.1880-d.1893


Neff, David (i1785)
Neff, Marlin (i1784)
Neff, Marlin (marriage to Arlene Miller) (i1784)
Neff, Susan (marriage to Eli Raver) (i2510)


Nelson, Abrigail Mae (i1426), b.1994-
Nelson, Angelica Lee (i1425), b.1992-
Nelson, Ann (i2863), b.1841-
Nelson, E (i2864), b.1854-
Nelson, Elizabath Rae (i1427), b.1996-
Nelson, Jerry Joseph (i347), b.1963-
Nelson, Jerry Joseph (marriage to Sandra Elizabeth Livingston) (i347), b.1963-
Nelson, Josiah (i2860), b.1816-
Nelson, Kerry (i281)
Nelson, Kerry (marriage to Annette Lynn Richert) (i281)
Nelson, Margaret (i2862), b.1840-
Nelson, Maria K (i2866), b.1848-
Nelson, Mary Ellen (i251), b.1844-d.1927
Nelson, Mary Ellen (marriage to Wesley Winemiller) (i251), b.1844-d.1927
Nelson, Robert (i2865), b.1845-
Nelson, Stephanie Elizabeth (i374), b.1990-
Nelson, Thomas Joseph (i1544), b.1993-


Nethaway, Ebb (marriage to Dorothy Berner Winemiller) (i1646)


Newkirk, Ellenora (marriage to Jacob Bitting) (i2912), b.1801-d.1885


Newman, Lucy (marriage to Benjamin Berkley) (i1771)


Newton, Floyd (i1553)
Newton, Lumma May (i1554)
Newton, William Lonzo (i1552), b.1856-d.1928
Newton, William Lonzo (marriage to Mary Ellen Winemiller) (i1552), b.1856-d.1928


Nicholas, Marshall (marriage to Versa Winemiller) (i1024), b.1886-


Nickle, Aaron (i2967)
Nickle, Amanda Beth (i388), b.1991-
Nickle, Anna Retta (i2184), b.1900-d.1937
Nickle, Anthony Joseph (i386), b.1990-
Nickle, Audrey Christine (i2157), b.1996-
Nickle, Barbara (i2968)
Nickle, Bryan (i2963)
Nickle, Caitlin Marie (i308), b.1991-
Nickle, Chester Harry (i1464), b.1906-d.1966
Nickle, Christopher James (i342), b.1971-
Nickle, Clyde Gordon (i2166), b.1919-
Nickle, Connie Ann (i326), b.1961-
Nickle, Connie Ann (marriage to Larry Joseph Leiby) (i326), b.1961-
Nickle, Cyndel Elizabeth (i380), b.1984-
Nickle, David R (i129), b.1819-d.1903
Nickle, Doris June (i316), b.1927-
Nickle, Doris June (marriage to Richard Lloyd Jacobs) (i316), b.1927-
Nickle, Edna Elnora (i1465), b.1892-d.1971
Nickle, Elizabeth Emma (i290), b.1953-
Nickle, Elizabeth Emma (marriage to James Bradley Folk) (i290), b.1953-
Nickle, Esther Suzanne (i329), b.1935-
Nickle, Esther Suzanne (marriage to Robert Warren Fish) (i329), b.1935-
Nickle, Fred (i2171)
Nickle, Fred (i2182)
Nickle, Fred Schaeffer (i282), b.1952-
Nickle, Gordon Mcgowan (i2164), b.1895-d.1934
Nickle, Gretel Maria (Shutt) (i378), b.1978-
Nickle, Guy Victor (i1474), b.1903-d.1915
Nickle, Ian Derek (i284), b.1976-
Nickle, James Carl (i322), b.1931-
Nickle, James Joseph (i387), b.1988-
Nickle, Jeffrey Charles (i306), b.1986-
Nickle, Jeffrey Lynn (i291), b.1955-
Nickle, Jessica (i2974)
Nickle, John Gordon (i2172)
Nickle, John Michael (i288), b.1951-
Nickle, John Paul (i341), b.1969-
Nickle, Joseph Carl (i327), b.1962-
Nickle, Joseph Carl (marriage to Rachel Dawn Jonas) (i327), b.1962-
Nickle, Judith Ann (i277), b.1945-
Nickle, Judith Ann (marriage to Douglas Jacobson) (i277), b.1945-
Nickle, Kenneth E, Sr (i2167), b.1930-
Nickle, Kennith E, (Jr) (i2955), b.1954-
Nickle, Kevin Walter (i292), b.1957-
Nickle, Kimberly Suzanne (i2384), b.1997-
Nickle, Lea Michele (i295), b.1981-
Nickle, Lester Paul (i47), b.1901-d.1990
Nickle, Lester Paul (III) (i275), b.1943-
Nickle, Lester Paul (Jr) (i267), b.1920-d.1993
Nickle, Lester Paul (marriage to Emma Louise Klinger) (i47), b.1901-d.1990
Nickle, Loomis Orvall (i1462), b.1891-d.1966
Nickle, Lovena (i2169)
Nickle, Lovena (marriage to Mr Zemba) (i2169)
Nickle, Lynette (i2170)
Nickle, Lynette (marriage to Ben Behrens) (i2170)
Nickle, Lynne M (i2958)
Nickle, Lynne M (marriage to James Thurer) (i2958)
Nickle, Marianne L (i2962)
Nickle, Mary Elizabeth (i31), b.1929-
Nickle, Mary Elizabeth (marriage to Jack Donald Deibler) (i31), b.1929-
Nickle, Matthew A (i2957)
Nickle, Michael Allen (i324), b.1958-
Nickle, Monica (i2972)
Nickle, Oscar David (i1463), b.1899-d.1944
Nickle, Patricia Lee (i269), b.1942-
Nickle, Patricia Lee (marriage to Vernon Richert) (i269), b.1942-
Nickle, Paula A (i2975)
Nickle, Paula A (marriage to Michael S Wydia) (i2975)
Nickle, Pauline (i2168)
Nickle, Raymond David (i2480), b.1893-d.1897
Nickle, Richard Eugene (i340), b.1966-
Nickle, Richard Kochenour (i338), b.1941-
Nickle, Richard Kochenour (marriage to Barbara Ann Kerling) (i338), b.1941-
Nickle, Robert A (i2970)
Nickle, Robert, Jr (i2973)
Nickle, Roland John (i51), b.1867-d.1955
Nickle, Roland John (marriage to Sue Ann Kochenour) (i51), b.1867-d.1955
Nickle, Russell Roland (i2185), b.1889-d.1929
Nickle, Ruth Louise (i309), b.1925-d.1993
Nickle, Ruth Louise (marriage to Robert Francis Livingston) (i309), b.1925-d.1993
Nickle, Sarah (i2964)
Nickle, Shawn Michael (i294), b.1979-
Nickle, Tabitha Renae (i379), b.1983-
Nickle, Teena (i2183)
Nickle, Terry Lee (i325), b.1959-
Nickle, Thomas E (i2965)
Nickle, Thomas Wayne (i328), b.1965-
Nickle, Tiara (i2969)
Nickle, Walter John (i287), b.1922-d.1966
Nickle, William Andrew Gardiner (i301), b.1981-


Norah M (marriage to Samuel Linwood Winemiller) (i255), b.1880-d.1933
Norma (marriage to J. Ross Mcginnis) (i1806), b.1935-


Notaras, George (i1681)
Notaras, Kelly (i1680), b.1975-
Notaras, Kyparisoula (marriage to George Notaras) (i1682)
Notaras, Spyro George (i1678), b.1931-
Notaras, Spyro George (marriage to Carole Winemiller) (i1678), b.1931-
Notaras, Stacy (i1679), b.1974-
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