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Winemiller Family Inn
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Uglow, Charles Herbert (i1271), b.1875-d.1950
Uglow, Charles Herbert (marriage to Clarinda Evelyn (Avis) Johnson) (i1271), b.1875-d.1950
Uglow, Homer H (i2577)
Uglow, Mr (i2580)
Uglow, Sister (i2579)
Uglow, Sister (marriage to Jesse J Johnson) (i2579)
Uglow, Virginia Jane (i2578)
Uglow, Wilma F (i1274), b.1897-


Ulrich, Ronald (marriage to Katherine Winemiller) (i2013)


Upchurch, Deborah (marriage to Steven A Winemiller) (i1174), b.1956-
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