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Winemiller Family Inn
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Our new software sorts the first name as the last name, if the last name is missing. Look for Anna (No last name) under  A  and  Mary (No last name) under  M  ect.


Unknone (marriage to Jack Winemiller) (i1895)
Unknone (marriage to William Caldwell) (i1571)


Unknone, Carla (marriage to Robert A Nickle) (i2971)
Unknone, Nancy (marriage to Thomas E Nickle) (i2966)


Unknown (marriage to Joshua Winemiller) (i843), b.1839-
Unknown (marriage to Lawrence Winemiller) (i1913)
Unknown (marriage to William Winemiller) (i1604), d.1888


Unknown, (marriage to Abrham Kroudle) (i1223)


Unkown, Elizabeth (marriage to Ludwig Bitting) (i2943)
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