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Yake, Ann Elizabeth (i2241), b.1950-
Yake, Ann Elizabeth (marriage to Barry Adrian Foose) (i2241), b.1950-
Yake, Betsy Lee (i2244), b.1954-
Yake, Betsy Lee (marriage to Daniel William Isaacs) (i2244), b.1954-
Yake, Lee Rohrer (i2224), b.1923-d.1999
Yake, Lee Rohrer (marriage to Lenor Miriam Daehnke) (i2224), b.1923-d.1999
Yake, Michael (i2218)
Yake, Ruth Elizabeth (i2222), b.1920-
Yake, Ruth Elizabeth (marriage to George Alden Pettengill) (i2222), b.1920-
Yake, Vivian Anna (i2220), b.1917-d.1998
Yake, Vivian Anna (marriage to Roger Lee Hayes) (i2220), b.1917-d.1998
Yake, Walter Sanford (i2217), b.1887-d.1940
Yake, Walter Sanford (marriage to Bessie Rohrer Winemiller) (i2217), b.1887-d.1940


Yonavyak, Debra (marriage to Jeffrey Page Winemiller) (i986), b.1953-


Young, Jacqueline (marriage to Marvin Davis Britton) (i781), b.1926-
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