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Zearing, Gary Lee (i2891), b.1944-
Zearing, Harold William (i2890), b.1921-d.1971
Zearing, Harold William (marriage to Mary Jane Deibler) (i2890), b.1921-d.1971
Zearing, Heidi (i2904), b.1960-
Zearing, Heidi (marriage to David Beetem) (i2904), b.1960-
Zearing, Jacquelyn Ann (i2894), b.1946-
Zearing, Kathy Sue (i2900), b.1954-
Zearing, Kathy Sue (marriage to Richard Mckean) (i2900), b.1954-
Zearing, Shannon (i2898), b.1981-
Zearing, Sonya (i2893), b.1968-
Zearing, Travis (i2899), b.1983-
Zearing, William Dale (i2896), b.1953-


Zeigler, Frantz (i1134), b.1834-
Zeigler, Jeannie (i679), b.1837-
Zeigler, Mary S (i553), b.1892-
Zeigler, Mr (i552), b.1860-
Zeigler, Peter (i678), b.1811-d.1894
Zeigler, Peter (marriage to Joanna Winemiller) (i678), b.1811-d.1894
Zeigler, Rebecca (i662), b.1841-d.1923
Zeigler, Rebecca (marriage to William H Winemiller) (i662), b.1841-d.1923


Zeller, Catherine (marriage to John Winemiller) (i691), b.1793-d.1847


Zellers, Bessie (i2000)
Zellers, Gertrude (i1996)
Zellers, Leonard (i1999)
Zellers, Milton (i1998)
Zellers, Mr (i1193), b.1865-
Zellers, Mr (marriage to Cornelia Winemiller) (i1193), b.1865-


Zemba, Daughter 1 (i2175)
Zemba, Daughter 2 (i2176)
Zemba, Matthew Thomas (i2174)
Zemba, Mr (i2173)
Zemba, Mr (marriage to Lovena Nickle) (i2173)


Zettlemoyer, Clarence (marriage to Jacquelyn Ann Zearing) (i2895), b.1944-


Zigler, Jane A (marriage to Jacob Winemiller) (i604), b.1838-d.1870


Zincavage, Edward (marriage to Diane Elizabeth Pettengill) (i2236), b.1951-
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