37. Michael7 Winemiller (Christopher (Stophel)6, Johannes (John)5 Weinmuller, Conrad4 Weinmueller, Johannes "Hans"3, Hans Friedrich II2, Hans Friedrich I1) (#645) was born Maryland 1777. Michael died 1839 at 62 years of age.

He married Polly in York Co., Pa, 1810. (Polly is #1585.) Polly was born Maryland 1785. Polly died April 7, 1875 at 89 years of age. The Germany Twp, tax records indicate that he was no longer in Germany Twp. And no longer living on Christopher's farm after 1810. This seems to be about the time he married Polly. I have been unable to uncover any of the official records involving his birth, christening, marriage or death. All data information about Michael, Polly and their children is gathered from census and tax records. I have established his birth as occurring in the year 1777 but it could have been as late as 1783. His marriage was probably in 1810 because that appears to be when he left the farm and because his first child, George, was born in 1811. With George, the direct line continues. Michael did have a trade. He was a basketmaker, probably not the most profitable trade of the day, but it could account for his many moves. You go where you can sell baskets! When the market is saturated, you move on. He did father six children with Polly, they were: George-------------born 1811 Sarah---------------born 1813 Jacob---------------born 1816 Joseph-------------born 1820 Elizabeth----------born 1822 Eliza-----------------born 1827 In 1821, the Washington Twp. Tax records designate George, Sarah and Jacob as "poor children" and entitled to go to school at the taxpayer's expense. George and Sarah were listed again in 1823. They were entitled to this care until age twelve. All children between the ages of five and twelve, if designated as "poor children" were entitled to this form of welfare. I have some information that leads me to believe that George was apprenticed after his schooling ended and Sarah went into an orphanage until she became sixteen. There is nothing further on Sarah. While this was happening, Polly seems to have gone back to Germany Twp. Where she was listed on the 1826-27 tax records. Her name had been crossed out which could mean there was nothing to tax or she had disappeared. The next we hear of Polly is her death in an "almshouse" on April 7, 1875 caused by "advanced years". By that time, Jacob was about eight and was no longer on the "poor children" list but two of his sisters were. The 1827 tax list of Warrington Twp. Lists Joseph & Jacob. In 1830 Joseph and Elizabeth are again listed as "poor children" but, this time, in Warrington Twp. The document says "returned by Michael Winemiller". There is nothing about either of these kids beyond 1830. I assume when Polly pulled out in 1826, Michael tried to help but give up and turned them over to the township, or county, which meant an orphanage. If Jacob was alive, that was probably his fate, too. One of the more curious points about Michael and his family is that, in the 1830 federal census, Michael is listed as living in Warrington Twp. And as the head of a household. This, while he was turning his kids back to the county for care. The household consisted of one male, 0-5 years, one male, 50-60 years (probably Michael), two females, 20-30 years and one female 60-70 years. Who were these people? This arrangement must have ended by 1838. Tax records show Michael now in Franklin Twp. And that Eliza had been declared a pauper which was her ticket to an orphanage until she became sixteen. Michael apparently died in 1839-40. There is no record of his death or burial place. In those days, paupers were buried at county expense, in unmarked graves, in locations known as "Potter's Field". I suspect that was his fate. I cannot provide anything about the three girls. My hope is that their lives took a turn for the better as they became adults but somehow I feel that didn't happen. As for Jacob, I believe he did die as a youngster. The 1850 census does mention a Joseph Winemiller who was a landowner and farmer in the area. It would be nice to think he was our Joseph. Note: Text for Michael was provided by Jerrald R Winemiller, from his book "The Winemiller Family Tree Our Branch (Three Hundred Years)" and edited by Larry Winemiller. For a copy of the Orignal text click here.

Michael Winemiller and Polly had the following children:

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