Third Generation

3. Leslie H3 Singiser (Andrew2, George1) (#1262) was born Cumberland County Pennsylvania 1852.

He married Sarah (Sallie) Winemiller Cumberland County Pennsylvania, 1873. (Sarah (Sallie) Winemiller is #263.) Sallie was born Perry County Pennsylvania 1852. Sallie was the daughter of George Winemiller and Rachel Caldwell. Parts taken from: 1886 History Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. East Pennsborough Township. Page 475. Leslie H Singiser, hotel-keeper, P.O. Wormleysburg, is a grandson of George Singiser, for many years a forwarder in Mechanicsburg, Penn., and one of the first contractors on the Cumberland Valley Railroad. George Singiser was well known and much liked, beloved and respected for his probity and generous impulses. An enterprising man, he took part in every movement calculated to advance the interests of the valley. He died in 1854. His wife Mary Halbert, of Carlisle, a Christian lady and fit companion for such a man. She died in 1884, at Altoona. They had four sons and five daughters. One of the sons Andrew, succeeded his father, in 1863, and later engaged in the grocery business in Mechanicsburg. He is a straightforward man, and is always willing to help the struggling, which he has often done to his detriment. Andrew Singiser married Miss Annie Wyle, of Mechancisburg, Penn., who wears woman's highest crown of a good wife and mother. They have four sons and one daughter: George, Leslie H., Harry, Willie L and Alberta. Leslie H. was born in 1852. He lived with his parents until his twenty-first year, when he was married to Miss Sallie, daughter of George Winemiller, of Upper Allen Township, this county. He carried on the green-grocery and general dealing business for six years, when he gave it up to take position in the Cumberland Valley Railroad office, which he held for three years, relinquishing it to engage in the livery, and afterward in a restaurant business, which he sold in November, 1884; in April following he rented the hotel at the end of the bridge from Harrisburg to Bridgeport, where hi is doing a good business, as such a kind friend and generous man must. He is ably assisted by his wife, who takes charge of the interior management. She is a prominent member of the Reformed Church. They have two sons: George Alfred, aged eleven, and Murray, nine years old. All who know this worthy couple are pleased with their success and wish them long life and continued prosperity.

Leslie H Singiser and Sarah (Sallie) Winemiller had the following children:

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