59. James A8 Winemiller (Jacob7, Jacob Weinmuller6, Johann Conradt5 Weinmuller, Conrad4 Weinmueller, Johannes "Hans"3, Hans Friedrich II2, Hans Friedrich I1) (#1488) was born about 1800.

He married twice. He married Elizabeth Seaney 1842. (Elizabeth Seaney is #1492.) Elizabeth died 1851. He married Catherine Snapp about 1860. (Catherine Snapp is #1493.) Catherine was born about 1835. Catherine died 1908 at 73 years of age. James Winemiller on the 4th day of February 1816 was living in Posey County, Indiana, where Mt. Vernon now stands when the family was stricken with cholera. His father and six others of the family died in one night in 1832. This was the first cholera ever known in the state. After that he moved to Knox County, and died there.

James A Winemiller and Catherine Snapp had the following children:

James A Winemiller and Elizabeth Seaney had the following children:

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