Fifth Generation

23. Benjamin Harrison5 Winemiller (William (Will)4, Jacob3, James2, Jacob1) (#1404) was born Whittington, Illinois October 19, 1888. Benjamin died March 9, 1965 Shiloh, at 76 years of age.

He married Maude Whittington about 1913. (Maude Whittington is #1407.) Maude was born Iowa December 4, 1886. Maude died October 16, 1967 Shilon, at 80 years of age. The Home Place was a 80 acre farm, 2 miles South East of Whittington, Illinois that was bought from Julia Etta Whittington, Maude's Mother). It is about one half mile South of Shilon Cemetery, that once had a Church House, (Methodist) our place of Worship. There was a School House, (Shilon) one mile South East of the Home Place, our place of Schooling, (8th grade).

Benjamin Harrison Winemiller and Maude Whittington had the following children:

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