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Winemiller Family Inn
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Magdalena (marriage to Georg Hively Haible) (i2631)


Magdelena, Catherina (marriage to Johann Heinrich (Henry) Winemiller) (i739), b.1750-


Mahaffey, Maria (marriage to Elger Fisher Caldwell Winemiller) (i1635), b.1867-d.1899


Mahler, Andreas (marriage to Anna Dorothea Stoeher) (i1724)


Maible, Johannes (i2650)
Maible, Michael (i2649)
Maible, Michael (i2651)
Maible, Michael Hively (i2647), b.1602-d.1658


Main, Amy (marriage to James D Engel) (i1350)


Malles, Annie P. (marriage to Jacob S Winemiller) (i1136), b.1850-d.1906


Mallott, William (marriage to Bertha Winemiller) (i927), b.1901-


Margaret S (marriage to William N Winemiller) (i160), b.1880-d.1944


Margaretha, Anna (marriage to Jacob Berner) (i1736)


Marie Catherine (marriage to George Schafer) (i1727)


Marks, Gregrey (i357), b.1950-
Marks, Gregrey (marriage to Rachelle Ann Fish) (i357), b.1950-
Marks, Shannon Lee (i395), b.1980-


Marsh, George I (i952)
Marsh, Jane (marriage to Peter Sours) (i911)
Marsh, Ruhama (i951), b.1848-d.1875
Marsh, Ruhama (marriage to Aaron Lee Winemiller) (i951), b.1848-d.1875


Marshall, James (i1768)
Marshall, James (i1769)
Marshall, John (i1766)
Marshall, John (marriage to Elizabeth Berkley) (i1766)
Marshall, Louisa (i1762)
Marshall, Louisa (marriage to Levi Atmur) (i1762)
Marshall, Shari (marriage to Jene Howard Gilchrist) (i1120)


Martin, Georgia (marriage to Charles S Stokes) (i465), b.1875-


Martindill, Heather Allison (i561), b.1987-
Martindill, Mr (i137)
Martindill, Robert (i66)
Martindill, Robert (marriage to Margrette Arlenes Allison) (i66)
Martindill, Robert Donald (i65), b.1952-
Martindill, Terry Keith (i67), b.1955-
Martindill, Terry Keith (marriage to Linda Jean Taylor) (i67), b.1955-


Martz, John (i96)
Martz, John (marriage to Margaret Walmer) (i96)
Martz, Mr (i148)
Martz, Unnamed 1 (i2291)
Martz, Unnamed 2 (i2292)
Martz, Unnamed 3 (i2293)


Mary (marriage to George E Gibbs) (i1164)
Mary (marriage to James Baxton) (i934)
Mary (marriage to Zacariah Ashcraft) (i754)
Mary E (marriage to Joseph F Winemiller) (i494), b.1810-d.1866
Mary M (marriage to Thomas B Mcguire) (i249), b.1848-


Mason, Brandon Michael (i399), b.1987-
Mason, Bryan (i400), b.1995-
Mason, Kaela Marie (i401), b.1990-
Mason, Marc A (i360), b.1965-
Mason, Marc A (marriage to Jeannine Lynn Fish) (i360), b.1965-


Matilda (marriage to Daniel M Deibler) (i2430), b.1832-
May (marriage to Milton Hershey) (i2019)


Mcclain, Emma (marriage to Charles D Wilber Miller) (i2086)


Mccleary, Irwin (marriage to Mary Winemiller) (i1902), d.1968


Mccoy, Ester Lucille (marriage to Samuel Vernon Gilchrist) (i1103), b.1915-d.1989


Mcdonough, Margaret Anne (marriage to Charles Richard Walmer) (i2311)


Mcdowell, John E (i1235), b.1887-
Mcdowell, John E (marriage to Elsie S Winemiller) (i1235), b.1887-
Mcdowell, Mary Frances (i1236)
Mcdowell, Mary Frances (marriage to Ralph Duncan) (i1236)


Mcginnis, Dougles (i1810), b.1960-
Mcginnis, J. Mont (i1804)
Mcginnis, J. Mont (marriage to Clara Miller) (i1804)
Mcginnis, J. Ross (i1805), b.1928-
Mcginnis, Jay (i1807), b.1957-
Mcginnis, Jay Ross III (i1809), b.1974-


Mcgowen, Ellen Nora (marriage to David R Nickle) (i2201), b.1821-d.1898


Mcgregor, (i181)
Mcgregor, Mr (i180)
Mcgregor, Mr (marriage to Ora Dias) (i180)


Mcguire, Frank C (i485), b.1890-
Mcguire, Hettie M (i481), b.1877-
Mcguire, Hettie M (marriage to Mr Onial) (i481), b.1877-
Mcguire, Louise S (i118), b.1887-
Mcguire, Louise S (marriage to D Kyle Winemiller) (i118), b.1887-
Mcguire, Sterrett F (i484), b.1888-
Mcguire, Thomas B (i155), b.1844-


Mckean, Christine (i2902), b.1981-
Mckean, Kennith (i2903), b.1985-
Mckean, Richard (i2901), b.1954-
Mckean, Richard (marriage to Kathy Sue Zearing) (i2901), b.1954-


Mckenrick, Mr (marriage to Ruth G Winemiller) (i2017)


Mcneil, Mr (marriage to Edna Elnora Nickle) (i1466)


Mcwhorter, Maude May (i965), b.1878-d.1939
Mcwhorter, Maude May (marriage to John Washington Winemiller) (i965), b.1878-d.1939
Mcwhorter, William G (i966), b.1841-d.1923


Meadows, Madge (i1014), b.1913-
Meadows, Oat (i1013), b.1882-
Meadows, Oat (marriage to Zona Florice Winemiller) (i1013), b.1882-


Melissa (marriage to Marshall Hyre) (i1527)


Meyer, Adam (marriage to Katherine Winemiller) (i2586)
Meyer, Adam (marriage to Mary Winemiller) (i2586)
Meyer, Mr (marriage to Doris Deibler) (i2196)


Mickey, Jennie Etta (marriage to Joseph Franklin Winemiller) (i513), b.1875-d.1904


Mihalcik, Jennifer Marie (marriage to Thomas Wayne Nickle) (i354), b.1965-


Milheim, Linda (marriage to Roger Lee Hayes) (i2230), b.1951-


Miller, Abby (i1829)
Miller, Anna Belle (i1815), b.1908-
Miller, Anna Belle (marriage to Clarance C. Anstine) (i1815), b.1908-
Miller, Anna Marie (i1794)
Miller, Annie P. (marriage to John C Miller) (i1774), b.1867-d.1958
Miller, Arlene (i1783)
Miller, Arlene (marriage to Marlin Neff) (i1783)
Miller, Calvin Zech (i1792)
Miller, Calvin Zech (i1793)
Miller, Carl (i1827)
Miller, Carrie (i1182), b.1865-
Miller, Charles D Wilber (i2085)
Miller, Charles Heath (i2771), b.1975-
Miller, Charles Heath (marriage to Jodi Dawn Wittwer) (i2771), b.1975-
Miller, Charles John (i2772), b.1996-
Miller, Chester (i1826)
Miller, Child 1 (i2884)
Miller, Child 2 (i2885)
Miller, Child 3 (i2886)
Miller, Child 4 (i2887)
Miller, Child 5 (i2888)
Miller, Child 8 (i1834)
Miller, Child 9 (i1835)
Miller, Chilh 7 (i1833)
Miller, Clara (i1803)
Miller, Clara (marriage to J. Mont Mcginnis) (i1803)
Miller, Daniel R (marriage to Elmira Walmer) (i103)
Miller, David (i1123), b.1824-d.1909
Miller, David (marriage to Sarah Winemiller) (i602), b.1831-
Miller, David (marriage to Sarah Ann Winemiller) (i1123), b.1824-d.1909
Miller, David P. (i1777)
Miller, Ehith (i1828)
Miller, Elizabath (i1780)
Miller, Eric Wesley (i41), b.1986-
Miller, Eva May (i1786)
Miller, Eva May (marriage to Clair Hildebrand) (i1786)
Miller, Florence (i1775)
Miller, Francis (i1250), b.1909-
Miller, Francis (marriage to Ralph J Winemiller) (i1250), b.1909-
Miller, Grantville (i1184), b.1869-
Miller, Helen (i1830)
Miller, James (i2883)
Miller, James (marriage to Barbara Ann Deibler) (i2883)
Miller, Jessica Louise (i39), b.1983-
Miller, John (i1124)
Miller, John (i1814)
Miller, John C (i1176), b.1854-d.1929
Miller, John Calvin (i1812), b.1905-
Miller, John Leroy (i124), b.1925-
Miller, John Leroy (marriage to Shirley Ann Monismith) (i124), b.1925-
Miller, Joseph (i1779)
Miller, Joseph S (i1177), b.1856-d.1948
Miller, Joseph S Dr (i1820), b.1859-d.1948
Miller, Leroy Purciple (i434), b.1903-
Miller, Lori Kay (marriage to Randal Scott Olsen) (i2784)
Miller, Martha (i1778), b.1899-d.1960
Miller, Martha (marriage to Cornelius Wallace Collins) (i1778), b.1899-d.1960
Miller, Mary (i1178), b.1856-d.1881
Miller, Mary (i1823), b.1856-d.1881
Miller, Mary (marriage to Donald Winemiller) (i2031)
Miller, Mary A. E. (marriage to Jacob S Winemiller) (i1135), b.1832-d.1865
Miller, Melvin M (i2440), b.1896-
Miller, Melvin M (marriage to Eva C Deibler) (i2440), b.1896-
Miller, Neely (i1183), b.1867-
Miller, Olivia (marriage to Joseph S Dr Miller) (i1821)
Miller, Peter (marriage to Ruth Rauch) (i2339)
Miller, Randy Lee (i38), b.1955-
Miller, Randy Lee (marriage to Diane Lynne Deibler) (i38), b.1955-
Miller, Salome A (i1181), b.1863-
Miller, Salome A (i1832)
Miller, Sarah (i1776)
Miller, Sidney (i1811)
Miller, Son (i1180), b.1861-d.1861
Miller, Son (i1802)
Miller, Son (i1831), b.1861-d.1861
Miller, Stanley Q. (i1781), b.1895-
Miller, William H (i1179), b.1859-
Miller, William H. (i1824)
Miller, Winifred P (i2441), b.1917-


Mishler, Aaron Michele (i43), b.1983-
Mishler, Elmer (i126), d.1999
Mishler, Gerald Elmer (i42), b.1943-
Mishler, Gerald Elmer (marriage to Cheryl Jane Deibler) (i42), b.1943-
Mishler, Jay Carl (i3014)
Mishler, Michael Lee (i3013)


Mitchell, Allice (marriage to Mr Steiner) (i240), b.1879-d.1972


Mitzel, Grace (marriage to Ralph Fletcher) (i1935)


Moasley, Janet (marriage to Evans Winemiller) (i2040)


Moffitt, Mary (marriage to Michael Walmer) (i2356), b.1821-d.1894


Mohn, Anderea Maria (i2280)
Mohn, Donald Heverling (i2279)
Mohn, Judity Susan (i2275)
Mohn, Michelle Diane (i2282)
Mohn, Patricia (i2272), b.1951-
Mohn, Patricia (marriage to James Hillman) (i2272), b.1951-
Mohn, Philip (i2271)
Mohn, Philip (marriage to Dorothy Irwin) (i2271)
Mohn, Thomas Philip (i2277)


Mokwa, Candace Renee (i389), b.1984-
Mokwa, John Paul (i355), b.1950-
Mokwa, John Paul (marriage to Marilyn Louise Fish) (i355), b.1950-
Mokwa, Karl Ashley (i390), b.1987-


Monismith, Harry (i436), b.1900-
Monismith, Shirley Ann (i433), b.1935-
Monismith, Shirley Ann (marriage to John Leroy Miller) (i433), b.1935-


Moore, Blyss (i1022), b.1915-
Moore, Charles (i1018), b.1907-
Moore, Charles Lewis (i1016), b.1884-
Moore, Charles Lewis (marriage to Nettie Ann Winemiller) (i1016), b.1884-
Moore, Ernie L (i1017), b.1906-d.1977
Moore, Marie (i1021), b.1911-
Moore, Munial (i1020), b.1913-
Moore, Rhoda Fay (marriage to Parley Dixon Winemiller) (i1026), b.1887-
Moore, Ronald (i1019), b.1909-
Moore, Theodore (marriage to Daisy Winemiller) (i1006), b.1880-


Morris, Minnie (marriage to Archibald Winemiller) (i1150), b.1894-d.1969


Morrison, Elizabeth (marriage to Alexander French) (i1757)
Morrison, Maragaret M (marriage to William G Mcwhorter) (i967), b.1846-d.1939


Mosher, Leigh (i2656)
Mosher, Leigh (marriage to Cinderella Winemiller) (i2656)
Mosher, Mr (i2657)
Mosher, Paul (i2658)
Mosher, Paul (marriage to Cinderella Winemiller) (i2658)


Motter, Betty Louise (marriage to James Carl Nickle) (i323), b.1937-


Mund'S, Joan (marriage to Larry Orwig) (i2049)


Mussleman, Mary (marriage to Leonard Lorenzo Huffman) (i1661), d.1898


Myers, David Eugene (i2806), b.1978-
Myers, Elnora (marriage to Ralph Winemiller) (i1979), b.1901-
Myers, John Ray (i2804), b.1974-d.1974
Myers, Kirk William (i2805), b.1975-
Myers, Lucretia Lee (marriage to John Albert Walmer) (i2309)
Myers, Ray Junior (i2803), b.1940-
Myers, Ray Junior (marriage to Ruby Darlene Richendollar) (i2803), b.1940-

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