William N Winemiller

243. William N10 Winemiller (Wesley9, George8, Michael7, Christopher (Stophel)6, Johannes (John)5 Weinmuller, Conrad4 Weinmueller, Johannes "Hans"3, Hans Friedrich II2, Hans Friedrich I1) (#1) was born Cumberland County, Pa. November 12, 1865. William died March 1, 1933 Harrisburg Pennsylvania, at 67 years of age. His body was interred March 3, 1933 Mt Pleasant Pennsylvania, Mt Pleasant Cemetery.

He married twice. He married Ida May Cannon about 1885. (Ida May Cannon is #2.) Ida was born Fairview Township York County March 24, 1860. Ida was the daughter of Peter Cannon and Meribah M Kyle. Ida died December 14, 1928 Harrisburg Pennsylvania, at 68 years of age. Her body was interred December 16, 1928 Mt Pleasant Pennsylvania, Mt Pleasant Cemetery. He married Margaret S Harrisburg Pennsylvania, 1931. (Margaret S is #160.) Margaret was born about 1880. Margaret died about 1944. Margaret worked with William at Pomeroys Department store in Harrisburg. They were only married about a year or two before William died. It is reported the she got everything. This made some bad feelings between Margaret and William's children. After William died, Margaret stayed in the Harrisburg Pennsylvania area. First she stayed in the house at 1935 Mulberry Street for about a year then moved to 3000 Green Street. In 1938 Margaret moved to 2046 Bellvue Road for a year and then to 1207 N 2nd Street. In 1942 she moved to the last reported address of 2812 N 2nd Street. William moved around a lot in the Central Pennsylvania area. In 1888 his son Charles was born near Shippenstown (Believed to be Shepherdstown in Upper Allen Township). A year latter William's daughter May's birth place is listed as Mechanicsburg. Russell was born in New Cumberland in 1889 and son Kyle's place of residence is listed as Mechanicsburg when he applied for his marriage license in 1905. William's family lived at 521 S 14th Street in Harrisburg in 1909. Also living at this address is William's brother Linwood a car repairman and his wife Norah M. William is a salesman. In 1911 William's family along with Linwood's family moved to 127 S 14th Street. Then in 1913 William's family moved next door to 125 S. 14th. William is now the manager at 1312 Derry Street. In 1915 William's family is joined by his mother Mary E (widow of Wesley Winemiller) and his sister Rachael Winemiller. The family along with Mary and Rachael stayed here until 1918 when they moved to 1817 Derry Street. In 1920 they moved back to 125 S 14th Street. In 1921 they all moved to 2010 Derry Street and are joined by son Russell and his wife Dorothy who moved next door at 2008 Derry Street. In 1923 William & Ida moved to Chendel Terrace in Camp Hill Pennsylvania, William is now manager for E.L. Fackler Estate. In 1926 they moved back to Harrisburg and are joined by Mary at 3218 Derry Street. In 1927 William changed jobs and is now working as a buyer for Bowmans & Company of Harrisburg. A year later they move to 1935 Mulberry Street and are joined by Rachael. William is now working as a salesman for Pomeroys Inc of Harrisburg.

William N Winemiller and Ida May Cannon had the following children:


D Kyle Winemiller


Russell & Dorothy Winemiller

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