Russell & Dorothy Winemiller

371. Russell Cannon11 Winemiller (William N10, Wesley9, George8, Michael7, Christopher (Stophel)6, Johannes (John)5 Weinmuller, Conrad4 Weinmueller, Johannes "Hans"3, Hans Friedrich II2, Hans Friedrich I1) (#3) was born New Cumberland Pennsylvania November, 14 1899. Russell died August 13, 1970 Harrisburg Pennsylvania, at 70 years of age. His body was interred August 16, 1970 Harrisburg Pennsylvania, Prospect Hill Cemetery.

He married Dorothy Kathryn Walmer Maryland, March 8, 1919. (Dorothy Kathryn Walmer is #6.) Dorothy was born Lebanon Pennsylvania September 25, 1900. Dorothy was the daughter of Irwin Jerome Walmer and Rosa Ann Bitting. Dorothy died February 1, 1998 Harrisburg, Pa, at 97 years of age. Her body was interred February 4, 1998 Harrisburg, Pa, Prospect Hill Cemetery. . The following is from "LET'S LOOK AT RUSS" presented November 16, 1961 at the retirement of Russell by the Harrisburg District Pennsylvania Power & Light Company. Almost on the eve of his plan to change his place of employment let's run back our time machine and see what Russell Winemiller experienced in his life. Russell was born in New Cumberland, November 14, 1899, just before the turn of the century when gas lights were still in style, horses and carriages were commonplace and electricity was more a dream than a reality. The Winemiller family moved to Harrisburg and Russ attended city schools graduating from Tech High School in 1917. Russ was an ambitious lad and after graduation went to Philadelphia where he studied drafting at Drexel Institute of Technology. At this age our boy was a typical world beater with the dreams a young man has to build a better world and the field of study placed him in a good position to make those dreams come true. Our young man was quite a adventuresome lad and wandered far and near after graduating from school in Philadelphia. He began working at Fackler's Furniture Store, where he got the itch to settle down. He also had another dream--a real dreamboat--but she lived in Lebanon. The trip to Lebanon in those days was not like today. The problems one encountered were many and almost every time he went to visit his "sweetie" he had car trouble. The roads too were difficult and this caused further car problems so Russ never knew when he left Harrisburg what time he might get back. One night this adventuresome lad decided to try a new road home from Lebanon and wound up as many have--lost. In fact he became so lost he wound up travelling the railroad tracks. That was a bumpy night wasn't it Russ, old boy!! His Lebanon gal decided if she was going to keep Russ in one piece she must do something about his trips back and forth. She moved to Harrisburg with relatives and saved Russ a lot of money repairing his automobile. This was a good move because in 1918 Russ got the flu and because she was handy could visit with him frequently. Her visitation (with interest) received some competition for our curly-haired friend's nurse began to take quite a shine to him. Oh yes, he was a real lady's man,. But in spite of her best efforts, Russ stayed true to his Lebanon-up gal. He was so true that in 1919 Russ and Dorothy Walmer were married. Shortly they moved to Detroit and Russ travelled across the border to work. He made his living at the time working for a auto tool and dye-making factory in Walkerville, Canada. Russ and Dotty did not stay too ling in Detroit but one of his last things Russ did before returning to Harrisburg was to visit the Tonsorial Parlor where it appears he fell asleep. And what a clipping; he got a typical GI cut. But Mamma what happened to that beautiful curly hair. Dotty though he looked like a cue-ball. And that's not the worst part of the story because when he got back his mother though he was ill for without his hairy protection he looked thin as a rail and mother didn't like it. Needless to say he never went to Detroit for a haircut again but scouted up a new one--a wise old FOX, and no other barber has ever had a chance since the day Fox cut his hair for the first time. Russ worked around Harrisburg again and on July 8, 1927 he came to work for Pennsylvania Power & Light Company. What a job that was for in those early days we sold beer cooling coils and refrigeration was an infant. Boy some of those old beer coils sure had an odor when thay came in didn't they, Russ? Russ worked in appliance service until 1954 when he became Commercial Assistant to the District Manager. Here he got the opportunity to make use of his drafting experience--filling in hundreds and thousands of forms. In fact Russ said if he had a single sheet of multiple sets of paper he has written he could replace the Sears Roebuck catalog in all the outhouses in C. E. P. There were some good buddies here at PP&L that really made life interesting. George Fetrow, Doc Bates, Dutch Krause and Bill Robinson used to tie a few bow ties or something on once in a while. I'm not sure just what they were talking about but from what I understand Red Paint and a lot of fun got all mixed up in these excursions. I guess there might even have been some wild oats in the barrel too. You think that's all wait till you hear the rest. There are more things about this bashful fellow that we have learned--enough to fill several volumes but like Russ who does not like to keep people waiting we want to get these facts on the record. Russ is a contortionist and for his intimate friends does a knock-out loose hip routine that rolls them in the aisles. He also is quite an accomplished musician, classical variety. How does a short-haired man play long-haired music? After December 1, if you stop at the house I'm sure he will play a song or two. Russ has been a member of Perseverance Lodge, Harrisburg Consistory and Zembo Temple for over 30 years. Dotty and Russ have three sons: Russell, Jr. - Harrisburg Robert - Philadelphia Larry - Germany One thing further, after he retires his sideline will become his prime line, but how can you make a living in a FREE MARKET. However Mrs. Winemiller tells me they may show some of their antiques in Florida as well as several other good locations they have been attending for some time. Guess this is enough tomfoolery Russ-but we did want to let everyone know you've had quite a lively time in your life and we want to wish you the very best in the years ahead with hopes for many many more.

Russell Cannon Winemiller and Dorothy Kathryn Walmer had the following children:


Russell Cannon Winemiller Jr


Robert & Muriel Winemiller

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