316. Jesse Emmet10 Winemiller (Benjamin9, Jacob8, John7, John Frantz (Francis)6, Johannes (John)5 Weinmuller, Conrad4 Weinmueller, Johannes "Hans"3, Hans Friedrich II2, Hans Friedrich I1) (#1339) was born February 19, 1890. Jesse died February 10, 1964 at 73 years of age. His body was interred Haxtun, Colorado.

He married Elsye Faye Long Missouri, February 4, 1914. (Elsye Faye Long is #1340.) Elsye was born January 25, 1895. Elsye was the daughter of Jasper Long and Josey Margaret Barber. Elsye died September 2, 1966 at 71 years of age. Her body was interred Haxtun, Colorado. Jesse Emmett Winemiller was reared on a farm at Sheridan, Worth County, Missouri. Jesse had a elementary school education. He and Elsye were married when he was 25 on the 19th of February and Elsye was 19 on the 25th of January 1914. The only birthdays that claimed he could ever remember. They made their first home in the Sheridan community for a few years and here is where the first two daughters, Margaret Ellen and Doris Wauneta were born. They moved to Central Kansas and continued to farm for a few years, living in the Oberlin vicinity. Jess changed vocations and became a fireman on the Burlington railroad and worked on the division from McCook Nebraska to St. Francis, Kansas and moved to McCook, Nebraska, about 1918, till October 1920 when Burlington was struck by Labor. Jess being of low seniority was one of the men to loose his job and since there seemed no prospect of being rehired soon he contacted acquaintances at Fleming, Colorado that he had known at Sheridan, Missouri and soon moved his family to the small community of Dailey, Logan County, Colorado. He bought out a lease for some farm land and began to farm again. They rented a farm and lived in the Dailey area, from different landowners for the years till February 1933. Being a very conscientious man and willing to help wherever he felt he could and his father needing some aid to manage and farm his land at Sheridan, Missouri the family moved again. The "Depression" of the 30's was a great hardship and he moved back to Colorado in 1937 where he felt there was at least more opportunity. He and his family lived near Bennett, Colorado where he worked as a farmer for a minister Rev. W. A . Cline (Billy) who had wheat land in that area. He accumulated enough farm machinery after a year or so and rented land from W. A. Cline and farmed till 1943 when they again moved back to Fleming, Colorado and rented land from Herbert Acott, his son-in-law. The economic times improved and by 1949 he was successful in leasing a School Section, No 36, in Logan County and he and Elsye built a cement block house on this land. This was home till the early 60's when his health began to fail and he sold his lease and buildings and farm equipment and moved to Haxtun, Colorado. They had a new home built for them in the Northwest section of Haxtun and Jess and Elsye celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary February 4th 1964. Jess was mechanically inclined and always enjoyed farming with machinery. Not being much inclined to use horses if other ways were available. Wheat and some corn were the main crops in this dry land farming area.

Jesse Emmet Winemiller and Elsye Faye Long had the following children:

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