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Lamison, Josephine (marriage to Noah F Winemiller) (i518), b.1850-d.1924


Lanum, Anita Louise (i2825), b.1960-
Lanum, Anita Louise (marriage to Claude C. Collins) (i2825), b.1960-
Lanum, Danielle Nicole (i2831), b.1979-
Lanum, Debrah Lynn (i2822), b.1955-
Lanum, Denise Laura (i2829), b.1962-
Lanum, Fred Lewis (i2743), b.1927-
Lanum, Fred Lewis Jr (i2807), b.1952-
Lanum, Fred Lewis lll (i2815), b.1972-
Lanum, Fred Lewis (marriage to Edna Louise Winemiller) (i2743), b.1927-
Lanum, Gretchen Elaine (i2821), b.1981-
Lanum, Jeanette Louise (i2810), b.1971-
Lanum, Jeanette Louise (marriage to James Lee Dowler) (i2810), b.1971-
Lanum, William Eric (i2820), b.1979-


Lebo, Jeremiah (i2207), b.1842-d.1912
Lebo, Kate (i2203), b.1871-d.1956
Lebo, Kate (marriage to John Van Buren Klinger) (i2203), b.1871-d.1956
Lebo, Kate Susan (i60)
Lebo, Kate Susan (marriage to John Vanburen) (i60)
Lebo, Mr (i135)


Lech, Edith (marriage to Stanley Q. Miller) (i1782), b.1899-d.1952


Lehman, Joanne Marie (marriage to William Ray Winemiller) (i2053), b.1939-


Leiby, Amy Lin (i191), b.1987-
Leiby, Claude Albert (i2380), b.1911-d.1993
Leiby, Eric Robert (i1519)
Leiby, Jessica Kemner (i1523), b.1992-
Leiby, Jessica Lynn (i382), b.1986-
Leiby, Jonathan Kemner (i190), b.1962-
Leiby, Jonathan Kemner (marriage to Kimberley Anne Thomas) (i190), b.1962-
Leiby, Jonathan Kemner (marriage to Linda Dale Steiner) (i190), b.1962-
Leiby, Kristina Amanda (i1522), b.1990-
Leiby, Larry Joseph (i352), b.1961-
Leiby, Larry Joseph (marriage to Connie Ann Nickle) (i352), b.1961-
Leiby, Nicole Jo (i381), b.1982-
Leiby, Robert Claud (i1517), b.1933-
Leiby, Roxanne (i1520)
Leiby, Samantha Ann (i383), b.1988-


Lena S (marriage to Edward Peter Winemiller) (i541), b.1870-d.1925


Lengel, Wendy May (marriage to David Wayne Livingston) (i346), b.1959-


Lentz, Emma (marriage to Oscar C Winemiller) (i1905)


Leordell, Bertha (marriage to William Arthur Winemiller) (i1282)


Leppla, Mr (marriage to Victoria Winemiller) (i2257)


Lewis, Jane (marriage to Jacob Winemiller) (i2979)


Leyenberger, Maria Magdelena (marriage to Christoph Weinmueller) (i1731), b.1712-d.1756


Leyerle, Karen Ann (marriage to Donald Edward Winemiller) (i3004)


Light, Adam R Rev (i2318)
Light, George W (i2321), b.1873-d.1927
Light, Harry (i2320), b.1872-
Light, Irvin A (i2324), b.1877-d.1918
Light, John Adam C (i2323), b.1876-d.1941
Light, Martha (i2325)
Light, Mr (i106)
Light, Mr (i151)
Light, Zachariah (i2317), b.1850-d.1906
Light, Zachariah (marriage to Emma Catherine Walmer) (i2317), b.1850-d.1906


Lineburg, Nancy Kay (marriage to Robert Francis (Jr) Livingston) (i344), b.1948-


Linton, Michelle Renae (marriage to Gregory Michael Augustine Longo) (i2747), b.1970-


List, Diane (i2105), b.1964-
List, Michael (i2103), b.1959-
List, Phillip (i2104), b.1961-
List, Quentin (i2100)
List, Quentin (marriage to Delores Elaine Winemiller) (i2100)


Livingston, Andrew James (i1539), b.1993-
Livingston, Angela Jean (i370), b.1971-
Livingston, Angela Jean (marriage to Kevin Michael Fisher) (i370), b.1971-
Livingston, Anthony Lee (i373), b.1987-
Livingston, David Wayne (i314), b.1959-
Livingston, Donald Wayne (i372), b.1983-
Livingston, Erin Kay (i368), b.1977-
Livingston, James Carl (i313), b.1951-
Livingston, Jason Carl (i371), b.1973-
Livingston, Kayla Louise (i1543), b.1996-
Livingston, Linda Lee (i311), b.1947-
Livingston, Linda Lee (marriage to Ronald Lee Hivner) (i311), b.1947-
Livingston, Maria Lynn (i369), b.1979-
Livingston, Robert Francis (i310), b.1924-
Livingston, Robert Francis (III) (i367), b.1975-
Livingston, Robert Francis (Jr) (i312), b.1948-
Livingston, Robert Francis (marriage to Ruth Louise Nickle) (i310), b.1924-
Livingston, Sandra Elizabeth (i315), b.1963-
Livingston, Sandra Elizabeth (marriage to Jerry Joseph Nelson) (i315), b.1963-


Loescher, Anna (marriage to Hans Christoff Stoeher) (i1590), b.1648-d.1723


Long, Elsye Faye (i1340), b.1895-d.1966
Long, Elsye Faye (marriage to Jesse Emmet Winemiller) (i1340), b.1895-d.1966
Long, James (marriage to Elendor Winemiller) (i1081), b.1809-
Long, Jasper (i1341), b.1866-
Long, Jennifer Susan (i2287), b.1965-
Long, Kevin (i2289), b.1977-
Long, Mary Patricia (marriage to Preston Donald Sr Winemiller) (i2106), d.1992
Long, Michael (i2288), b.1972-
Long, William (i2286)
Long, William (marriage to Sandra Hoffer) (i2286)


Longo, Andrea Michelle Elizabeth (i2748), b.1973-
Longo, Gregory Michael Augustine (i2746), b.1970-
Longo, Lawrence Peter (i2745), b.1943-
Longo, Lawrence Peter (marriage to Bonita Louise Dotto) (i2745), b.1943-


Louisa, Rachel Ann (marriage to Abraham Winemiller) (i452), b.1811-d.1887


Louise (marriage to Wilson Jr Winemiller) (i1886)


Love, Bryan J (i1991), b.1954-d.1954
Love, Bud (marriage to Virginia Winemiller) (i1649)
Love, Dale (i1989)
Love, Dale (marriage to Phyllis Winemiller) (i1989)
Love, Gary A (i1992), b.1955-
Love, Lann Barry (i1994), b.1957-
Love, Lesa Sue (i1995), b.1961-d.1979
Love, Michael (i1990), b.1952-
Love, Teresa Jane (i1993), b.1956-


Lowther, Orpha Virginia (marriage to Leslie Forest Winemiller) (i763), b.1891-d.1924


Loy, Adam (i1749)
Loy, Christina (i1748)
Loy, Christina (marriage to Peter Catrow) (i1748)


Lucas, Charles (i1745), b.1692-
Lucas, Charles (marriage to Elizabeth Evans) (i1745), b.1692-
Lucas, Israel (i1739)
Lucas, Israel (marriage to Catherine Catrow) (i1739)
Lucas, John (i1741)
Lucas, Matilda (i1722), b.1832-d.1909
Lucas, Matilda (marriage to Michael Winemiller) (i1722), b.1832-d.1909
Lucas, Richard (i1743), b.1732-


Luck, Mike (marriage to Anderea Maria Mohn) (i2281)


Lynn, Marah Ann (marriage to Samuel J. Kyle) (i2451)
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